Your Dream, Your Mission, Your Life

Coaching for Dreamers

Hello, my name is Begoña, a very determined, non-conformist and creative NLP coach, mentor and trainer. I am on a mission to help Dreamers like you unleash the real you, follow your dream and make a difference.


‘Building an exciting future, together, one dream at a time’

The world is changing at pace. Everything is being questioned. Everything is up for grabs. We are in unprecedented times. Times of uncertainty and confusion. Times where everything seems possible.

We are creating new paradigms, we are shaping a new future and this future needs you. Needs your dream. Needs your passion.

Your dream is more possible than ever.

I am here for YOU

to help you bring it to life, should you wish to.


The seeker, the rebel, the loving, the dreamer


Time to WAKE UP, time to be who YOU are, time to own your GREATNESS 

Time to claim your power, to follow your dream, to make a change


Time to lead in a FUN, unique, EXCITING, generous, LOVING way


It’s time to LET GO, time to TRUST, time to SHINE,

for you, for them, for the world


You know it. I know it. Give yourself permission. Make it happen



We live in a society where everything happens so fast, so many demands, so many responsibilities, so little time. it’s so easy to drift, to give your power away. We don’t even know what matters to us anymore or what we do want.

WHAT do you REALLY want?

Not what do you have to do? Not what others expect from you? But what do you WANT? What do you DREAM about? what is it that you DESIRE? What makes you feel satisfied with you, your choices and what you have come to do in this life?  What makes you say, yes, this is it? I know it, I feel it, I see it.

Some of us dream of having more money, more freedom, more time. We dream of having a different job, a different body, a different partner, that we are living somewhere else. We wish our lives were different. We feel trapped, empty, purposeless.

We feel something has to change. We feel the urge.

It can be scary, it can be daunting, we have no guarantees.

But it doesn’t have to be like that. And you don’t have to do it alone. It can be fun, refreshing, liberating.

Trust me. I have been there.

So, what do you want?

Are you ready?

When there is a DREAM there is a WAY.


“A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.” ― John Lennon


I have always been driven by growth. For  20 years I grew and developed in the corporate world. As an Architect and Project Manager, changing countries, changing sectors, climbing the corporate ladder. I liked it and I was good at it. 

But I was also good with people. Managing people, helping people, developing people. I developed a second career without realising that it was my passion.  I  couldn’t have enough.  I thought about changing careers then but I wasn’t going to leave all the other stuff behind and start all over again, was I? 

Then along came motherhood. Huge shift. It made me consider what type of mother I wanted to be? What kind of life I was building? I started questioning everything. I needed answers to who I really was, how I wanted to live my life, what kind of role model I wanted to be. Who I was didn’t feel aligned anymore and the who I was becoming no longer belonged in the corporate world.

Who I am becoming belongs here, with you, with the doers, the dreamers.

Building the life ladder. On my terms.


It is not about chasing a dream for the sake of chasing a dream, it’s about taking full responsibility for your life, becoming who you were meant to be and making a difference to the world.



I remember being very passionate about grammar as a child (others would prefer to say obsessive), choosing the right words and pronouncing them correctly. I love languages. I am Spanish, speak English (having lived in the UK for 17 years now), and Italian (my Husband is Italian).

I have learned, translated, questioned, misinterpreted, misused words plenty of times. But I have also seen the impact when I have used the correct one. I have experienced first-hand the magic of words.

Words have meaning and energy. Words can trigger. Words are everything

So when it came down to choosing my word and the impact I wanted to create.

I chose DREAMS.

Dreams to me encompass vision, goals, objectives, ambitions, plans. Dreams are what make human beings grow. Dreams are fun. Everybody dreams.

In Dreams, everything is possible. Dreams give us information about who we really are and our deepest desires. Dreams don’t need explanation, or measure. Everyone has access to dreams.

In my opinion, words like vision, goals, objectives are very masculine energy driven. You are here, you need to get there, here are the steps, off you go.  I am a Project Manager. I get it.

But they lack something. What those words are missing is passion, creativity, intentions, desires which are feminine energy driven.

Dreams are holistic. Dreams don’t distinguish between personal or professional lives. Dreams are our lives. We are Dreams.

What is a DREAM?

A dream is a condition or achievement that is longed for. It is a deep aspiration, a wild fantasy or unrealistic hope,  one that is exceptionally gratifying, excellent or beautiful.

Feel the energy of the words. I am already inspired. I want some of that.

To Dream is to regard something as feasible or practical, to conceive as possible, to imagine, to invent. 

When there is a dream, there is always a way. And as fascinating as it is to dream, the exciting work starts when you wake up. I am in!

Dreams are thoughts. Everybody thinks, everybody dreams.  We dream 90 minutes each night whether we remember it or not. On average we will dream about 5 times each night.

That sounds like a great bank of ideas to work with, right?  

A state of abstraction.

We can give our dreams the meaning we choose. And everything is interconnected. We could work towards having our dreamed healthy life. Working on that particular area could be opening up other areas, creating a ripple effect. 

Martin Luther King said ‘I had a dream’. He didn’t say I had a vision, or a goal

People that have made it through history are regarded as Dreamers. I want to be one of them.  

Dreamers are visionaries, seekers, rebels, mavericks. They love challenges, they question everything.  They have energy, passion, they find a way to make things happen.  They know how to have fun. They care for people. They are creative, passionate, loving, loyal and committed. They live their lives on their terms.

They are unique.

YOU are unique.

And the world needs YOU.

It would be a shame if we didn’t get to see your uniqueness