Whether you have a dream or want to dream again, whether you’d love to achieve your dream but can’t see how, whether you are independent and resourceful or want someone to hold your hand whilst you grow your wings, 

You are in the right place. 

Dreams can be about anything. The smallest thing can make a huge impact. Dreams don’t have to feel unattainable. Dreams just have to ‘feel’ right for you. You decide how big or small, how radical, how easy, how relevant, how vitally important a role they play in your experience of life.

Achieving your dreams doesn’t need to involve huge change or to be overwhelming. It requires a bit of work but done it right, with the right support, at the right time and in the right context, it is really rewarding, fun, empowering and inspirational.

But where do I start?

When the student is ready, the teacher appears

In my experience, we all dream and have a dream that is possible so long as we choose to listen. However, we might encounter reasons that hold us back. Reasons that live at both the conscious and unconscious level.  Both stop us from taking action. Sometimes even from taking a look.

The conscious ones sound like this: I don’t know what to do, I don’t know how to go about it, I haven’t got time, I haven’t got money, I am scared.

These are the easiest to identify and the easiest to work with.

The subconscious ones, are harder to identify because they use a different language. A language we are not familiar with and therefore we don’t know what to do. We sometimes ignore it or miss it because we are busy or too scared. But the purpose of what lives in the subconscious is to reveal who you really are, what you are here to do, your desires, your dreams. It requires learning a new language, a new way of seeing.

Because life is not always the same, we are not always the same, circumstances change and we have different priorities and different resources at different points, I have designed different options for you to get started. 

On all options I combine traditional coaching techniques and Neurolinguistic programming (NLP) techniques and dozens of tools that will be yours for life.

You have a choice and it’s yours to make.  


Keep dreaming big, whilst remaining aligned


A 90 min laser focus session for  dreamers at the next stage of their lives who want clarity, motivation and confidence to pursue their dreams whilst remaining aligned to their values. 

  • If you are used to managing your life successfully, yet you don’t seem to be making progress
  • If your circumstances have changed and are now questioning your dream
  • If you have an idea but are not quite sure about the impact or how it would work out

The Dream check-up is the perfect choice to explore, challenge and recalibrate in a fun, safe and supported space. 

After our session you will feel inspired, confident and back in the game.




Because life happens to the most committed dreamer


An 8 weeks programme for strategic dreamers like you who want accountability and direction to focus on their dreams and see progress.

  • If you have a dream yet find yourself unable to take action
  • If you have too much on your plate, feel stressed and tend to prioritise others
  • If you’re feeling guilty or frustrated and somehow you have lost control

The Dream accelerator programme is where to start. We will establish your priorities, identify what is limiting you and how and put systems in place to help you focus and take action as we go along.

After 8 weeks, you will feel grounded, awake and back in control.




Unveil the dreamer within. Lead your life fully awake


A 12 week transformational programme for seekers, lovers and courageous leaders who want to uncover their true selves and step into their new level

  • If you feel deep down that you are special, have more to offer, even have a mission
  • If none of what you have tried before works and have reached a dead end
  • If you know that you are called for something bigger but are concerned about the implications 

This programme is designed to guide you inwards so you can access new resources, connect all the dots and evolve into the new YOU 

This is not a quick fix, this is the transformation of your life.



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