I am Begoña, a seeker, a rebel, a dreamer. I am also a doer who likes to get my sleeves rolled up and get into action, which I believe makes a great combination. I am passionate about people and a champion of evolution and growth.

I have an architectural degree and an MBA. I am also an NLP Master practitioner coach, a One of many™ coach and I just enrolled to study for another qualification. I have held many positions in the corporate world, but they don’t make who I am. They just show my interests which are many. I am addicted to learning and growing. As an ‘enneagram Type 3’ (a personality type), I am also an achiever. 

Who I am can’t be defined in words. It needs to be experienced. 

Some might say I am jack of all trades. I like to say I am a Renaissance dreamer.



As I child, I was asked every year how well I thought I was going to do in school. It seemed the only way to feel valued was dependant upon my marks. Each year I tried to rebel against it and each year I would get the best results.

As I grew up, things didn’t get better. There was competition. There was recognition. There was comparison. Yet the same question. How well are you going to do?

I studied architecture. Loved drawing and maths but struggled where everyone else seemed to be doing fine. I worked as a Project Manager all over Spain and Portugal. I loved the action. The people side. It was fun. An MBA followed and relocating to the UK after that. I was seeking a bigger challenge. I worked with prestigious architects, got promoted a number of times, got more qualifications but always there was the feeling that it was NOT GOOD ENOUGH, I was not doing enough, NOT ACHIEVING ENOUCH.

That same feeling that I had as a child, kept dictating the rest of my decisions thereafter. Little did I know it was going to be the trigger to my transformation.

It’s not about the what you do or how you do it but about the who you need to become


I was good at what I was doing. I knew what I was doing. I got recognition, pay rises, promotions.

At some point it all began to feel a bit senseless, purposeless and empty. What was going to be next? Owning a house? A bigger role? A larger salary? For the sake of what? I had begun to question whether those were my dreams and whether my own growth was enough. Life had got too serious.  I wasn’t laughing any more. 

There was something else going on, something I couldn’t explain, something coming from deep within, something that was making me feel uneasy. I felt my foundations were wobbly, shaking. I wasn’t fun to be around, I was controlling, I was demanding, I was unhappy. I was a pain or to be accurate I was in pain. I wasn’t taking action. I doubted every decision. I needed approval.  I felt lost. I didn’t recognise who I was anymore.

That’s how I recognised I was in the recognition trap.

I had to find my way home. I had to become me. I had to relearn what I valued and recognise it for myself.

Even if it meant leaving everything behind and start from scratch. I would find the way.


But the call was way to strong to ignore it. And it wasn’t until I lifted my head up, looked at the bigger picture,  and worked with incredible people that I understood who I was born to be and what I was here to do. 

When the student is ready, the teacher appears.

I started to work on my health, and my relationship with me, my family, my wealth, my abundant mindset, my capacity to be wowed and and to feel gratitude, and finally my dream as it stems from all of those areas.  I chose to step out of victim and chose how I wanted to show up. Empowered, connected with the dreamer in me. I claimed my space. 

I learned how the power of decision leads to the first action, to the first dream which becomes the first of many. That is how dreams become reality. Imagine the potential. Imagine how we, together, can change reality. 

I was good at spotting potential and encouraged others to tap into it, take risks, grow. 

It was fun, it was challenging and it had potential. Yet identifying my DREAM wasn’t as obvious.

Now that I know, now IT’S TIME

I love inspiring others to think differently which I believe it’s a the core of the ability to change the mindset we need to break through this life successfully.

I am curious and creative but I like to understand how things work. 

I would love to help you translate your dream into implementable strategies and imagine together your reach.


“You may say I'm a dreamer, but I'm not the only one. I hope someday you'll join us. And the world will live as one.” ― John Lennon



I believe we are currently in the making of a new era, which feels both exciting and a bit daunting. Too many new things are happening too fast, with too much consequential impact on our lives, too many opportunities. At the same time, I am reaching that point in life where I feel the urge to take part, to take risks.  There is so much uncertainty out there, but the outcome will depend on how we, all of us, choose to contribute to it, no matter how big or small.

I feel now it’s the time to make my dream count and my dream needs your dreams.

It needs YOU. 

I have made it my dream to help you see the exceptional human being you are, the potential within you and the infinite possibilities available to you. I am here to help you have an exciting life make your dreams happen too, and together shape the future.

This is your time too. 

I have seen many talented people keep their talent, their ideas, their dreams to themselves because they didn’t believe in themselves or didn’t have the time, or money, or something else. I have also seen how the smallest shift has unlocked their inner desires and how little by little they have started to make changes and the impact it has had in their lives.

I am determined to not let that happen anymore because I believe the world needs each and everyone of us. It would be a shame if all those dreams never saw the light, wouldn’t it?  

I have been where you are, and I know from experience what it takes to go from feeling hopeless, sad, frustrated, stressed, with no options to creative, resourceful, and empowered to start showing up as who you are and live your life your way. It doesn’t matter what has happened till now, the key is what happens from now.

When there is a dream there is a way.  

To infinity, and beyond!  Buzz Lightyear – Toy story.


As a coach I am here to support you and dream with you. I am here to challenge you as little or as much as you want me to, gentle but firm, with love and compassion. I am here to help you find more time to spend with the people you love, to write that book, to live where you want to live, to find work life balance,

Should you wish to.

I bring my creativity, mindset, project management knowledge and corporate experience to help you see the wood from the trees and embrace who you truly are and what your heart desires. I want you to let go of what is holding you back and help you connect with your wildest dreams and from there co-design an inspiring strategy to achieve your dream and if you want me to, help you implement it. 

I bring my whole self. I am cancer governed by the moon. I am also mother bear playful and loving, fiercely defensive when it comes to protecting and providing for my ‘cubs’. These cubs being my inner child, my son, my family and friends and the people who I choose to work with. I am a romantic and a dreamer but I am also a strategist and a project manager at heart and love to see results. I love to experience and feel free and I also love structure and process.

I like risks and I like feeling safe. I am empathetic and calm yet passionate with a volcano inside that needs to explode from time to time. I am fun but professional. I am a dreamer but realistic. I appreciate good work and good rest. I love opposites and playing with both.

I love performing, I use powertypes to step into my power and  I need you as much as you need me. 

Brave Fun Awake