Life happens so quickly especially if we have others to care for and so many responsibilities to joggle. It’s hard to keep up with everything and ensure we always make the right choices to keep our dream alive. It feels like there is always another thing that needs our attention, that sets us apart from our dream. 

You know something needs attention or before you know it your dream would have faded away and you will be off track, back to feeling purposeless, taken for granted, stuck.

But that’s not you, you love your work and the contribution you make, you have big aspirations and want more of life and you know it’s possible. You are a dreamer that delivers. 

Dreams need space to be and a strategy to become. It’s not a matter of adding yet another thing to your list, more stress, it’s a matter of focusing on what really matters, doing what really matters and getting rid of or adapting what no longer serves.

It’s about using the time and energy wisely but most of all is about clarity. 

The Dream check-up is a great space for you to stop, breathe, reassess your dream and your circumstances, what is no longer aligned, reconnect the pieces and get back on the steering wheel.

Even racing cars need to stop at boxes to prepare, be repaired, and plan the competition.

The dream check-up is like a date with your destiny



After the payment you will be sent a link to book you session.

To make the most of the session there will be some pre session work, don’t worry, nothing hard, just some information about you, your circumstances and aspirations.

During the session you will get:

  • 90 min of intense focused time where you, and you only, are in the centre stage, no distractions.
  • 90 min to explore, to challenge, to dream, to have fun.
  • 90 min to bring your dream to life, get the clarity you need to make that dream happen and design a strategy that works for you.  

After the session, you will get the recording and a strategy to move forward.  

If, after the session, you chose to continue working with me, exploring or for accountability in the long run, this investment can be used towards any of the other programmes. Isn’t that great?


“It does not do, to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” ― J.K. Rowling, Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone


This is for you if you are reconsidering your future, are about to take the next step in your life or career and you need a trusted hand to remind you how great you are and the amazing things you are capable of, help you manage your fears and assumptions, get back on track or make the right choice. 

This is not for you if you already know what matters to you, have all the avenues covered, intend to carry on with your life and choices as they are and have no need to challenge your current circumstances.


I know how hard it is to fit even more things in our busy calendars or budgets, so this is the best part, your investment is only:

Time: 90 minutes 

Financial :  £333