You might (or might not) remember that I started my journey out of the corporate world under the banner ‘Where there is a dream, there is a way’ with the intention to help you not only give words to your dream but to bring it to life as I did with mine.

Whereas I still love working with dreams, I realised however, that often, the problem sat with connecting to the dream in the first place.  I found that the current pressures of daily life and lack of time for ourselves to even think about the dream, led us to believe that we didn’t have any dreams or even worse that they were unattainable. 

After observing and listening to the many stories, or excuses I shall say, I noted that there was prior work that needed to be done. I noted that way too often all of those constructs were due to living in our heads so much so, that we no longer know how to connect with our hearts which is where our deepest desires are kept, often guarded by fear, causing disbelief, dissatisfaction and lack of passion.

I observed that without the consent from the Heart, no dream gets to the mind.

Without the alignment between Heart and Mind neither your dreams nor YOU get to see the light.

And the real ‘YOU’ is what I am most interested in unveiling

Therefore I made it my mission to create a way for the mind and the heart to speak to each other and from there, work together to free YOU, so you can reclaim YOU and live the life meant for YOU.

But not just that, I have seen first hand the transformational power of the Heart and the impact it has on others like a ripple effect. And I don’t want to leave it there, I want to create a movement where change agents like inspire others and together show what’s possible. 

One step at a time

Every week I will share actionable insights to help you to live less in your head and more from your heart.

My goal is to raise awareness about the transformational power of self-love, inspire you to take risks and embrace the freedom that comes from re-claiming YOU.

So if this sounds like you, you are in the right community. 

 Let’s grow the movement together. 

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