Energy flows where…

Attention goes.


Where is your attention today?

Whatever your focusing on will determine the energy associated with that.

In other words if you focus on the negative, you will find yourself with no energy to carry out the task at hand.

For example…

You’ve been in your role for a while, you know you can do more, and want to earn more.

Yet your mind starts focusing on how many times you didn’t get the promotion or how much more responsibility that new promotion will bring you…

Very soon you will start feeling tired and consumed by the task at hand and before you know it you find yourself reaching out for some energy booster like alcohol or chocolate or.. what ever is your choice

Yes it can be fear showing up to protecting you from failure…or it might well be that it is not the promotion actually what you want…

But without getting any deeper let’s focus on the example at hand

Try changing the focus to

🤩 what are you going to do with all that much money?

💫 How are you going to feel when you realise all that potential?

🏂 what are you going to be differently?

That’s it…

Keep going…

Now your brain is engaged and so is your heart… because you’re listening

And who doesn’t like to be heard?

Now you have the energy and without chocolate or alcohol!!!

What do you need now in order to make it happen?

Can’t wait to hear