Dear Dreamers,

How are you today? I must admit that changing the clocks this weekend and finally the sun coming out had made a difference for me. I have been toying the idea of getting back to healthy and today I did it! I woke up earlier than usual to get my 30 min adrenaline pump up!

It’s a start. A really good one.

Anyway, this week I want to start getting practical. Enough of the motivational stuff, ok, I might continue with that, can’t help it but I am also ready to get hands on.

So let’s get practical, practical.

Today I want to share the foundations to get any dream off the ground. This is a framework I used to analyse the success of construction developments and trust me, if it works for construction, it works for your life too.

I call it the triple D: Dream Due Diligence.

So grab pen and paper and click below to join me on this tutorial.

Let’s get dreaming!



Click here to watch in English

Click here to watch in Spanish!