Let’s talk about Freedom. Let’s talk about Bending the rules

No, I am not asking you to do anything illegal. Bear with me

I grew up in Spain. Every New Year’s eve, we prepared 12 grapes for each person of the house and took each one to the beat of the clock, in front of the TV to say good bye to the year. 

These were the longest 12 seconds ever. 

I remember how we, children, struggled to eat them at the pace dictated by the clock, choking and laughing, unable to keep up, frustrated because yet another year we didn’t make it like adults did, like my mum did. 

We tried everything, peel the grapes, take the seeds out, chop them….nothing. 

Year in year out I was unable to follow the rules.

Till one day…

One day that I decided to question. 

Question who said we all had to eat the grapes like that? 

what if we didn’t do? 

What if I took longer to finish them and eat them at my own pace but savouring them instead of choking? 

What if I decided to take one every other second and have only six instead of 12. 

What if I didn’t have any grapes at all as by the time the show was on, we had finished dinner hours ago and I didn’t feel like stuffing 12 grapes down my throat.

So I decided to bend the rules

And guess what?

Nothing happened…

It wasn’t less fun. I didn’t let anyone down. I didn’t ruin the tradition.

This is a silly example, I know. 

But one that got inside my mind and messed up with me for a long time. 

Nothing major but subtle. Subtle reminder that I couldn’t do it, that I was disrupting, that I was prepared to change the game where nobody was.

Because they didn’t see the need, because it wasn’t big for them, because, because, because…

This silly example but an example of the many times we find ourselves bound by traditions, by rules, by things and establishments that aren’t helping, are adding unnecessary pressure and that can be changed.

If only we were conscious enough to pay attention and cared enough to do something about it.

So let’s start questioning rules, questioning traditions, and let’s start finding freedom. 

You want more freedom? My invitation to you is to look at

Where would you like to feel more freedom? 

Where do you feel currently bound by something and most importantly…

Do you care enough to make a change?

Because it can be changed

ps Did you know that the word freedom  is derived from the Proto-West Germanic *frijadōm, which is related to the Indo-European root that means “love”?